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Monday, February 21, 2011

8th Grade Graduation Requirements Assignment: 18 Points

Reference the Middle School Graduation Requirements in your handbook on pages 17-18.  List the requirements in a table like the one below.  Complete the table.  Write in complete sentences and be specific.  This is being graded!  Due:  Friday, February 25, 2011

Requirement:                How I have Met It:                 How I will Meet It:

PTW Due Friday, February 25

Mario, Jake, Erica, and her sister Charlene all enjoy sports.  Jake likes to play tennis and always carries a racket.  Mario and Erika's sister can't swim.  Neither Jake nor Mario have a bike.  Can you match each person with these items:  a bike, a skateboard, a tennis racket, and a surfboard?

Monday, February 14, 2011

February 18 9th Grade Algebra I

For the first 25 minutes of class (until the 1st bell rings) complete problems on this site on loose leaf paper and check your answers in the program.  Turn in your loose leaf paper to the sub.

For the second half of the period, pick from one or more of the following:
http://hotmath.com/util/hm_flash_movie.html?movie=/learning_activities/interactivities/sciNotation.swf&return_to=Algebra I Activities&title=Scientific Notation


February 17, 2011 9 Algebra I: Systems of Equations

Watch, listen (with headphones), and take notes (on loose leaf paper) on the 6 of the videos on this page.  Choose 2 videos on graphing, 2 videos on substitution, and 2 videos on elimination.   Each video contains 1 example problem, therefor you should have 6 problems to turn in to the substitute once you have watched each video.

If you finish before the end of class, play one of these games.  When asked to select a level, select hard:

Be Good!

Valentine's Day Problem Solving!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

7 Math Chapter 5 Study Guide

Part I: Find the GCF and LCM.

1. 6, 8

2. 38, 66

3. 14, 46

Part II: Write the prime factorization for each number, applying exponential notation. Use a factor tree.
1. 1200

2. 318

Part III: Compare using <, >, = .
1. 4.66 ____ -10.625

2. -13.5 ____ -16.24

Part IV: Write each number as a rational number in fraction form.
1. 2.125

2. -1

3. -0.25

Part V: White each decimal as a mixed number or fraction in simplest form.
1. 0.30

2. 0.666…

3. -1.52

Part VI: Perform the 4 basic arithmetic operations with positive and negative fractions.

Part VII: Problem solve by working backwards.
1. Remi is thinking of a number. If you divide it by 3, add 5, and then square it, the result is 64. What is the number?

2. You have $25 left from your pay check. You spent $200 on rent, $50 on gas, $150 on food, and $40 on clothing. How much was your paycheck?

PTW Due Friday, February 11

It is family day at Camp Turtlecreek.  One of the most popular activities is the canoe race.  Teams are organized for the race and each team must have 2 adults and 3 campers.  In order to win the race, you must canoe all your team members from one shore across a shallow river to the other shore.  They have to follow these rules for who can be in the canoe on a crossing:  one adult; one camper; one adult and one camper; or 2 campers.  What is the fewest trips you would have to make to win the relay?

8th Grade Service Requirement

Regarding 8th grade community service hours, students should follow this format in turning in documentation:

Dates    Locations    Task Descriptions    Hours    Signatures of Adult Verification

Friday, May 6:  10 Documented Community Service Hours (completed between 8/01/10 and 5/5/11) Due to Miss Granholm

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Miss Granholm's Snow Day!

Amari's Snow Day!

4 liters at 2:30 pm

4 liters = 4000 milliliters = with just snow

400 milliliters = with melted snow

Ratio = 1/10 = fraction

Ratio = 0.1 = decimal

Ratio = 10% = percent


I hope that you are enjoying Tsnownami 2011, Day 2!  It is a great day for some snow-themed extra credit opportunities, worth 15 points each!  Please e-mail any and all of these assignments, including your pictures, to me before the end of the day (don't worry if you do not have a digital camera or a camera on your phone, but if you do please use it!). Pick any one or more of the options below and go outside and enjoy the mountains of snow!

  1. Collect a measurable quantity of snow (a cup, a gallon, 2 litters, whatever measuring device you have around).  
  2. Completely fill the container with packed snow.  Take a picture of it.  
  3. Bring the container full of snow indoors and allow it to melt.  Take a picture of the resulting water.
  4. Measure the amount of water that results.
  5. Write a ratio, in fraction form, comparing the snow to the water.
  6. Rewrite the ratio as a decimal and as a percent.

  1. Pack the largest snowball you can (like you are trying to make a giant snowman).
  2. Take a picture of your giant snowball and e-mail it to me (granholmm@psmnow.com).
  3. Use a tape measure to measure the radius and diameter of you giant snowball in metric units.
  4. Calculate the volume of your sphere (http://www.calculateme.com/cVolume/VolumeOfSphere.htm).
Option 3:
  1. Build a snow fort.
  2. Take a picture of the inside and outside of your fort.
  3. Draw a blueprint or floor plan of the fort you built (either by hand or using computer software).
  4. Take a tape measure or other measuring device and measure the dimension of your fort and label the dimensions on your floor plan.
  5. Calculate the perimeter of your fort.
  6. Calculate the area of your fort.