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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Q3 Extra Credit Due 2-14-11

  1. Visit the PSM Library website (http://www.psm.k12.il.us/psm_lrc.html) and log-in to Culture Grams.
    1. enter the username and password
    2. click my products
    3. click on Culture Grams
  2. Click on States Edition
  3. Click on Illinois.
  4. Use the information provided to answer the following questions in pencil and in complete sentences, demonstrating any necessary math work:
    1. How many days has it been since the first Dairy Queen opened in Joliet?
    2. How many inches tall was the tallest man in the world?
    3. Write and simplify a ratio comparing his inches to his pounds.
    4. For how many years was the Sears Tower the world's tallest skyscraper?
    5. Find the population of the state and then determine how many rides on the first Ferris wheel it would take until each person in Illinois had a chance to ride one time.
    6. What is the difference in degrees between the average winter temperature in the north of the state and the average winter temperature in the south of the state?
    7. How many years has it been since Illinois became the nation's 21st state?
    8. How many state senators must vote for a bill in order for it to pass with a majority vote in the Illinois State Senate?
    9. What percent of Illinois U.S. Representatives are Republican?  
    10. How many presidents have called the stare of Illinois home?
  5. Each question is worth 1 point, for a total assignment value of 10 extra credit points.  All questions must be attempted, contain any necessary work, and be written in complete sentences to be eligible for any credit.  No incomplete, early, or late assignments will be accepted.     
**This is your last extra credit opportunity of the quarter!**

7th Grade Research Project Work Cited Page

  1. Visit the website:  http://old.oslis.org/MLACitations/secondary/index.php
  2. Determine what information you need from your websites.
  3. Visit our hotlist:  https://sites.google.com/site/negroleaguesgranholm/
  4. Revisit each site you used in your research project and gather the necessary information for the MLA Generator.
  5. Input the information into the generator.
  6. Click to "Create Citation Below."
  7. Copy and paste the citation into a Word Document.
  8. Repeat as needed with all sites and sources used in your project.
  9. Make sure your Work Cited Page is titled as such and that it contains your name and heading.
  10. Print.
  11. Turn-in to Miss Granholm in class on Monday, January 31.

Guidance Test Study Guide: Friday, January 28 Part II

-Know what it is to voluntarily choose not to do something.

-Know what the term "sexual activity" refers to.

-Know 4 consequences of having sex before marriage.

-Know what means "giving myself to someone."

-Know what means "saving myself for marriage."

-Be able to fill in these blanks: Developing a Game Plan for life can help you reach your future ___________ and ____________. Making ___________ decisions now and choosing _____________ can make your Game Plan a lot easier to accomplish.

-Know your conflict True/False statements.

-Know 4 of the 10 reasons why it is to your advantage to have good manners.

-Know your character trait definitions:


being punctual

being a good sport







self control


common sense



being organized


-Reflect on a scripture passage.

-Answer 4 questions regarding the Let's Move Campaign.

- Be able to list and identify the nonverbal responses from the Leadership Packet: Communicate with Style.

-Define health and fitness terms:






balanced diet




Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Guidance Test Study Guide: Friday, January 28

  1. Define Character Traits
  2. Analyze a Scripture Passage
  3. Define Health and Fitness Vocabulary
  4. Q/A Let's Move Program
  5. Q/A Friendship
  6. 10 Reasons for Having Good Manners
  7. Q/A Game Plan Chapter 1:  terms, definitions, reflections, fill-in-the blank
  8. Communicate With Style Packet: terms, definitions, reflections, fill-in-the blank
  9. Conflict Myths and Facts

Monday, January 24, 2011

Chicago school recognizes Martin Luther King holiday by keeping students in class - Page 1 - Chicago Tribune

Chicago school recognizes Martin Luther King holiday by keeping students in class - Page 1 - Chicago Tribune

Problem of the Week: due January 28, 2011

At Marvelous Mark's T-shirts, you can win a free T-shirt if you can solve the pebble puzzle.  Next to the jar at the entrance is this information:

There are 825 pebbles in the jar.
There are 375 more brown pebbles than white pebbles.
Guess the number of brown and white pebbles in the jar and win a free T-shirt!

What is the correct answer to the pebble puzzle?

Friday, January 21, 2011

7th Grade Research Project

Please have all of your research and data tables completed by Tuesday, January 25!  Don't forget to use the hotlist located on the LRC's website:  http://www.psm.k12.il.us/psm_lrc.html  Please work on your project this weekend!!!

8th Math Extra Credit: Fractions and Decimals

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Ooooppps!  I wrote the wrong page number on the board in class today.  Tonight’s homework is page 237, #1-15.  Please note this correction and have the correct assignment to turn in tomorrow!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Problem of the Week: due January 14, 2011

Steven is leaning over the video game. concentrating on shooting down as many spaceships as he can within the time limit.  Vulcan spaceships are worth 20 points each, and Android spaceships are worth 25 points.  If he shoots down 21 spaceships for a total of 465 points, how many Vulcan spaceships and how many Android spaceships did Steven shoot down?

Thursday, January 6, 2011

100% Assignment Club!

Announcing and introducing the 100% Assignment Club! 
Want to join???  Here is what you need to know and do:

Complete and turn-in all assignments on-time, according to their directions, at the time they are due, and don't forget to be sure to follow the requirements stated on your homework and assignment rubrics.

Do you have a hard time with this?  Do you already have one, two, or even three missing, late or incomplete assignments???  Do not fret...you can still join!  Here is what you need to do:
  1. Get on a roll!  For 3 days in a row you must ccomplete and turn-in all assignments on-time, according to their directions, at the time they are due, and don't forget to be sure to follow the requirements stated on your homework and assignment rubrics.
  2. Maintain a quarter course percentage of at least 80%.
Once you can prove that you have met these 2 criteria, your name will be added to the club roster posted in Miss Granholm's room.

WARNING!!!  BE VERY CAREFUL!  Your name will be removed from the roster if for even one day you fail to meet the requirements of the club...so be diligent and meticulous, and do all of your assignments correctly the first time.

So, what do you get?  As a member of the club you are entitled to special privileges such as:
So, either Welcome to the Club or Good Luck Joining

Monday, January 3, 2011

PTW Due Friday, January 7

Noelani was saving Luscious Lemon soda coupons, which came in the caps of the Luscious Lemon soda bottles.  There were two kinds of coupons:  5-point coupons and 2-point coupons.  So far, she had collected 23 coupons, worth 76 points.  How many 5-point and 2-point coupons did Noelani have?

(5 points)