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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Monday, September 27, 2010

The Last PTW of Quarter 1!

Jessica is hiking in the mountains with her llama, her dog, and her cat.  She comes to a deep river, where she must help each animal across, one at a time.  She has a problem:  she can't leave the llama alone with the dog, and she can't leave the cat alone with the dog.  What is the fewest trips Jessica can make to get the llama, the dog, and the cat to the other side of the river?

5 Points

Friday, September 24, 2010

Guidance Weekend Extra Credit

Warning!!!  This is your last guidance extra credit opportunity for the quarter!

Visit the CDC's BAM! Body and Mind website:  http://www.bam.gov/sub_yourbody/yourbody_energyequation.html

Select to participate in one of the following activities as a part of the Energy Equation:  Picnic Pick-Up, Pillow Pitch, or Jumble Gym.  Enter the activity by clicking on it and select to "Play the Game."  After playing the game, go back and read Under the Microscope and Expert Opinion by selecting these icons on the right side of the screen.  Finally, take the quiz, also located on the right side of the screen.  

Compose an e-mail to me and send it to granholmm@psmnow.com.  In the e-mail share with me which activity you participated in, how to play the game that goes along with that activity, what you learned from reading Under the Microscope, 2 expert opinions you read about, and finally your score on the quiz.  When successfully and fully completed this e-mail will be worth up to 12 extra credit points, 2 points for each requirement.

Have Fun!    

Weekend Math Extra Practice and Extra Credit!

ATTENTION ALL MATH CLASSES!  Here is the last extra credit assignment of the quarter.  Visit the website below and complete the Integer Quiz.  You can earn 1 point for each correctly answered question!  When finished, click to check the quiz and then follow the prompt to e-mail your results to me.  My e-mail address is granholmm@psmnow.com.  Good luck!


Monday, September 20, 2010

Problem of The Week: Due Friday, September 24

On the ancient island of Circulus, archaeologists found a series of caves.  In the first cave they found a circle with 560 stones.  In the 2nd cave they found a circle with 8 fewer stones than in the first cave.  Each new cave had a circle with twice as many stones missing from the circle than in the previous cave.  For example, there were 16 fewer stones in the 3rd cave than in the 2nd cave.  If the stone circles continue in this way, which cave would have the last stone circle?

Friday, September 17, 2010

Problem of the Week: Due Thursday September 16

On July 5, in the area around Center Village, there was great excitement.  Six people had reported to the police that they had seen Big Foot, a large, hairy creature sometimes seen, but never captured.  The next day, twice as many people had called the police, sure they has seen the creature.  Each day the police received twice as many calls as the day before.  After a total of more than 300 calls, the police took the phone off the hook.  On what day did the police take the phone off the hook?

Thursday, September 16, 2010

9th Gade Algebra I: Freshmen Spirit Knights Extra Credit Assignment #1

All students may complete by Monday.  Turn in your raffle ticket for 2 additional points of extra credit!

In volleyball, an ace is a serve that the opponent doesn’t hit. Ace efficiency is a measure of a player’s ability to hit aces while minimizing service errors. The ace efficiency f is given by the formula f = a – e where a is the number of aces, e is the number of s service errors, and s is the total number of serves.

a. Calculate –Find the ace efficiency for a player who has 108 aces and 125 service errors in 500 serves. (1 point)

b. Compare – If the player makes 30 more aces and 20 more service errors in the next 100 serves, will the ace efficiency improve? Explain. (1 point)

c. Justify- Under what conditions would a player’s ace efficiency be 0? 1? -1? Justify your answer algebraically. (3 points)


ATTENTION ALL MATH CLASSES:  This weekend, you may complete the following quiz for extra credit.  After you complete the on-line quiz, click to check your answers.  Next, scroll down and select the option to e-mail your results.  Your results must be e-mailed to Miss Granholm at granholmm@psmnow.com  If I receive these results by Monday, before 3:05, you will earn one extra credit point for each correct response.  Good Luck!


ATTENTION 8TH GRADE GUIDANCE:  For extra credit this weekend visit the CDC's website http://www.bam.gov/sub_yourlife/index.html  Click on the Ad Decoder:  Decipher the Media and then click to play the game.  After playing the game, find the quiz on the right hand margin of the quiz:  Test Your Smarts.  After the quiz, either e-mail me your results or print out your results page.  The results are due by Monday at the beginning of class. 

Friday, September 10, 2010

8 Guidance Weekend Extra Credit

Visit the link below.  Click on "click here to check 'em out!"  A menu will appear.  Brows the menu and its offerings using the tabs at the top of the window and the drop down menus that appear.  Compose an e-mail to Miss Granholm (granholmm@psmnow.com) detailing 6 recipes, at least one from each category at the top of the window, that you would like to try and that you think you would be able to make.  Supply each recipe along with 2 reasons for why you would like to try each recipe.  All e-mails must be received by 10:00p.m. Sunday night.


Weekend Math Extra Practice and Extra Credit!

7th, 8th, and 9th Grades:  Visit the website below and play an integers/jeopardy quiz game!  After you have played the game, a congratulations page will appear.  Print this page, turn it in with Monday's homework, and receive extra credit up to 10 points!

6th Grade:  Visit the web site below and select to play the game first on level 1, then level 2, and finally level 3.  Print your score sheets for each level and turn them in on Monday with Monday's homework.  You can receive up to 10 extra credit points! 

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Problem of The Week: Due Friday, September 10 (5 Points)

Dinner is over and it is the twin's turn to clean up and do the dishes.  Jaime grabs a dish towel and waits for Josh to start washing the dishes.  Instead of fighting about who has to wash the dishes, Josh suggests a game to settle the dispute.  He hands Jaime a die marked 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.  To play the game they take turns rolling the die 3 times in a row.  The first to roll a total of 12 in 3 rolls gets to dry tonight.  How many different ways can the twins combine 3 rolls of the die to total 12?