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Thursday, September 16, 2010

9th Gade Algebra I: Freshmen Spirit Knights Extra Credit Assignment #1

All students may complete by Monday.  Turn in your raffle ticket for 2 additional points of extra credit!

In volleyball, an ace is a serve that the opponent doesn’t hit. Ace efficiency is a measure of a player’s ability to hit aces while minimizing service errors. The ace efficiency f is given by the formula f = a – e where a is the number of aces, e is the number of s service errors, and s is the total number of serves.

a. Calculate –Find the ace efficiency for a player who has 108 aces and 125 service errors in 500 serves. (1 point)

b. Compare – If the player makes 30 more aces and 20 more service errors in the next 100 serves, will the ace efficiency improve? Explain. (1 point)

c. Justify- Under what conditions would a player’s ace efficiency be 0? 1? -1? Justify your answer algebraically. (3 points)

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