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Thursday, September 16, 2010


ATTENTION ALL MATH CLASSES:  This weekend, you may complete the following quiz for extra credit.  After you complete the on-line quiz, click to check your answers.  Next, scroll down and select the option to e-mail your results.  Your results must be e-mailed to Miss Granholm at granholmm@psmnow.com  If I receive these results by Monday, before 3:05, you will earn one extra credit point for each correct response.  Good Luck!


ATTENTION 8TH GRADE GUIDANCE:  For extra credit this weekend visit the CDC's website http://www.bam.gov/sub_yourlife/index.html  Click on the Ad Decoder:  Decipher the Media and then click to play the game.  After playing the game, find the quiz on the right hand margin of the quiz:  Test Your Smarts.  After the quiz, either e-mail me your results or print out your results page.  The results are due by Monday at the beginning of class. 

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