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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

9th Grade Algebra: Graphing Polynomial Functions

  1. Open your book to page 583.
  2. With the whole group graph the example on sketchpad.
  3. Graph #1 on sketchpad.
  4. Show Miss Granholm.
  5. Graph #2 on sketchpad.
  6. Show Miss Granholm.
  7. Complete #3-8 on loose leaf paper.
  8. For extra credit check your answers on sketchpad.
  9. Show Miss Granholm.

8th Grade Math: Creating and Measuring Angles with Sketchpad!

  1. Find and open Geometer Sketchpad.
  2. Spend 8 minutes playing with the program and figuring out what the different tools and functions do.
  3. Start a new sketch.
  4. Draw each of the following types of angles:  acute, obtuse, right, straight (4 points)
  5. Measure each angle. (4 points)
  6. Drag each angle measurement to the angle it is measuring.
  7. Put the name of all of your group members on the sketch. (1 point)
  8. Raise your hand to show Miss Granholm. (1 point)
10 Points

6th Grade: Measuring Angles Using Protractors!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Problem of The Week: Due Friday, May 6

A case of Seth's Sizzling Soda holds 24 bottles.  Matt and Marnie are going to fill a case with 12 empty bottles to return to the store.  The case has 6 columns across and 4 rows down.  Matt challenges Marnie:  "Can you find at least 2 different ways to place the 12 bottles in the case so that each row and each column has an odd number of bottles?"

5 Points 

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Spring Break Extra Credit...Shopping Spree!

Markup and Discount Activity

Below are names of stores in Chicago, 6 items, and the price of each item, sold at the store. Everything in each store is on sale today for 20% off. Find the total cost of purchasing all 6 items, including the 10% Chicago sales tax.  You can do this for as many stores as you choose.  Please find the scoring for the assignment listed below.  Be ready to turn in this assignment along with ALL OF YOUR WORK to Miss Granholm the day you return from break.

discounts: 12 points, 2pts each

tax: 12 points, 2pts each
total cost: 1 point

Best Buy
CD- $9.99
IPOD- $299.00
DVD- $19.99
Cell Phone- $69.00
Printer- $49.00
Camera- $329.00

Paper Towels- $4.99
Cereal- $3.39
Mop- $7.00
Desk- $129.00
Chair- $399.00
Video Game- $49.00

Cold Medicine- $7.00
Graph Paper- $1.99
Milk- $3.99
Toothpaste- $2.82
Gel Pens- $5.99
Birthday Card- $3.29

Pop- $8.99
Ice Cream- $3.99
Bread- $2.89
Chips- $3.29
Steaks- $16.85
Clementines- $6.99

Shorts- $12.99
School Shoes- $49.99
Gym Shoes- $52.95
Polo- $9.99
Jeans- $29.99
Back Pack- $59.00

Creating Nets of 3-D Figures

Building 3-D Figures

Easter Problem Solving

Why is Easter so late this year?

  1. What does the the writer mean when she says "blue bunnies"? 
  2. Why does Easter always fall after Jewish Passover?
  3. What does the World Book Encyclopedia say about Easter and when and where it falls each year?
  4. What is the date range that Easter may fall between each year?
  5. How many days are there between March 22 and April 25?
  6. When was the first full moon after the Spring Equinox?
  7. How many years has it been since Easter was celebrated on April 24?
  8. How many years will it be until Easter falls on April 25?  On April 24?

Spring Break Extra Credit Questions: (10 Points)

  1. What is the Spring Equinox?
  2. What was the First Council of Nicea?
  3. List 3 pros and cons for Easter falling late this year.
  4. How old will you be when Easter falls on April 25?  How old will you be when Easter falls on April 24 again?
  5. Do you prefer to have Spring Break over Easter, or would you prefer to have Spring Break in March, as many other schools do?  Explain your reasoning.

6 Math: Sketchpad Activity

  1. Spend 10 minutes experimenting and playing with Sketchpad.
  2. Create a sketch demonstrating the triangles we have learned and identified in this chapter.
  3. Label each triangle.
  4. Label your sketch with the names of the students in your group.
  5. Raise your had to show Miss Granholm.
  6. Create a sketch demonstrating the quadrilaterals we have learned and identified in this chapter.
  7. Label each quadrilateral.
  8. Label your sketch with the names of the students in your group.
  9. Raise your had to show Miss Granholm.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Algebra I: Translating Function Families

Create 3 sketches on Sketchpad, one sketch for each function family:
  • Use the functions provided to you.
  • Label each graph with its function.
  • Label the function family.
  • Make the lines of the graphs thick.
  • Create graphs of different colors.
  • Put your names on each sketch.
  • Check with Miss Granholm before you print.
27 Points:  3 points per function graphed (9 points per function family)

Monday, April 11, 2011

8th Grade Algebra: Independent Reading Project

Due Thursday via e-mail:
  • Visit the LRC Website:  http://www.psm.k12.il.us/psm-lrc/
  • Click to search the library's entire catalog.
  • Once in the catalog, select Destiny Quest on the laeft had side of the screen.
  • Under Resource Lists, select Search Lists, and then Math Fiction.
  • Browse the titles.
  • Click on books you find intriguing to learn more about each book.
  • Click "Title Peek" to view more information on each book.
  • Select to "Title Peek" a minimum of 3 books.
  • E-mail me a 1 paragraph (5 sentences) description for 3 different books that you Title Peek.
  • At the bottom of your e-mail, following the 3 paragraphs, tell me what book you would like to read.
  • I will reserve that book for you with Ms. Akers.
*Books will be reserved in the order that assignments are received.  First come, first serve.

Paragraphs:  15 Points
5 points per paragraph 

Project Directions and Scoring Guide: