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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Spring Break Extra Credit...Shopping Spree!

Markup and Discount Activity

Below are names of stores in Chicago, 6 items, and the price of each item, sold at the store. Everything in each store is on sale today for 20% off. Find the total cost of purchasing all 6 items, including the 10% Chicago sales tax.  You can do this for as many stores as you choose.  Please find the scoring for the assignment listed below.  Be ready to turn in this assignment along with ALL OF YOUR WORK to Miss Granholm the day you return from break.

discounts: 12 points, 2pts each

tax: 12 points, 2pts each
total cost: 1 point

Best Buy
CD- $9.99
IPOD- $299.00
DVD- $19.99
Cell Phone- $69.00
Printer- $49.00
Camera- $329.00

Paper Towels- $4.99
Cereal- $3.39
Mop- $7.00
Desk- $129.00
Chair- $399.00
Video Game- $49.00

Cold Medicine- $7.00
Graph Paper- $1.99
Milk- $3.99
Toothpaste- $2.82
Gel Pens- $5.99
Birthday Card- $3.29

Pop- $8.99
Ice Cream- $3.99
Bread- $2.89
Chips- $3.29
Steaks- $16.85
Clementines- $6.99

Shorts- $12.99
School Shoes- $49.99
Gym Shoes- $52.95
Polo- $9.99
Jeans- $29.99
Back Pack- $59.00

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