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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Q3 Extra Credit Due 2-14-11

  1. Visit the PSM Library website (http://www.psm.k12.il.us/psm_lrc.html) and log-in to Culture Grams.
    1. enter the username and password
    2. click my products
    3. click on Culture Grams
  2. Click on States Edition
  3. Click on Illinois.
  4. Use the information provided to answer the following questions in pencil and in complete sentences, demonstrating any necessary math work:
    1. How many days has it been since the first Dairy Queen opened in Joliet?
    2. How many inches tall was the tallest man in the world?
    3. Write and simplify a ratio comparing his inches to his pounds.
    4. For how many years was the Sears Tower the world's tallest skyscraper?
    5. Find the population of the state and then determine how many rides on the first Ferris wheel it would take until each person in Illinois had a chance to ride one time.
    6. What is the difference in degrees between the average winter temperature in the north of the state and the average winter temperature in the south of the state?
    7. How many years has it been since Illinois became the nation's 21st state?
    8. How many state senators must vote for a bill in order for it to pass with a majority vote in the Illinois State Senate?
    9. What percent of Illinois U.S. Representatives are Republican?  
    10. How many presidents have called the stare of Illinois home?
  5. Each question is worth 1 point, for a total assignment value of 10 extra credit points.  All questions must be attempted, contain any necessary work, and be written in complete sentences to be eligible for any credit.  No incomplete, early, or late assignments will be accepted.     
**This is your last extra credit opportunity of the quarter!**

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