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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

8th Grade Community Service Assignment

After watching video of President Obama giving a speech on service, read the article at the link below, and complete the assignment that follows.

The assignment is due Thursday, October 14.

Check out how what the President has to say about community service can relate to middle school students:

1.)  What that the President said can you relate to?  (2 points)

2.)  Is there anything that the President said that you cannot relate to?  Explain your reasoning.  (3 points)

3.)  Just as the students in the article were asked to, write a letter to the President describing your dreams for the country and how you plan to serve your community.

 SCORING:  30 Points
   Letter Format:  5 points
  3 Paragraphs:  3 points
  3 Distinct Examples with 3 Supporting Details Each:  15 points, 5 points each
  Spelling:  3 points
  Grammar:  3 points
  Typed:  2 points
  E-mailed:  2 points

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