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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

7th Grade Math On Geometry SketchPad: Angle Relationships

Open and spend 7 minutes exploring and playing with Geometry Sketchpad.

When instructed to, open a new document in the program.

Create a sketch showing the relationships among the angles formed when a pair of
parallel lines is cut by a transversal: corresponding angles, alternate interior angles,
and so on.

Include in your sketch all angle measurements (8 points) and slope measurements (2 points), proving that the two lines intersected by the transversal are parallel (4 points).

You should use color to make your sketch easy to read and understand (2 points).

When you believe you are finished, show your sketch to Miss Granholm.

When your sketch has been approved, print it in color on the 407 Lab Color Printer.

16 Points


Rachel & Desiree
Jeremiah & Aaron
Khadijah & Arena
Trent & Anton
Chris & Cameron
Andrew & Kasen
Lauryn & Angelique
Christian & Charles
Bobbie & Elijah
Marcaja & Sania
Taylor & Bryonne
Walter & Emanuel
Skylar & Nia
Sultan & Emanuel

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