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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

8 Guidance Q3 Review Sheet

Access the google docs version of your review sheet here:  https://docs.google.com/document/d/1nogk4bGCCc15TUXBeShPeYSMP5UmPQ9dLxnNy2YCHWk/edit?hl=en#
I. Your exam will consist of 5 sections:

a. Multiple Choice: based on notes and Game Plan chapters

b. Reading Comprehension: a standardized test type section. You will have to read a selection that we have not read before and answer a series of questions on the passage.

c. Data Analysis and Critical Thinking: You will have to read a table and accompanying paragraphs in order to extract and apply data that you will use to answer a series of questions.

d. Character Traits: a selection of character traits will be given to you. Next to each character trait you will write an action that you have done or could do in order to demonstrate that you do possess the trait.

e. Matching: you will match a series of character traits to their definitions.

II. Terms/Character Traits You Need to Know:

a. Refuse

b. Ignore

c. Abstain

d. Retreat

e. Consequence

f. Abstinence

g. Sex

h. Marriage

i. Choice

j. Consequences

k. Resources

l. Needs

m. Values

n. Communication Skills

o. De-Escalation

p. Resolution

q. Mediation

r. Win/Win

s. Humility

t. Activism

u. Honor

v. Empathy

w. Perseverance

x. Leadership

y. Politeness

z. Ingenuity

aa. Self-control

bb. Tolerance

cc. Creativity

dd. Imagination

ee. Trustworthiness

ff. Truthfulness

gg. Honesty

hh. Positive Attitudes

ii. Humility

jj. Love

kk. Respect

ll. Politeness

mm. Self-Control

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